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Science, technology, engineering, and math pervade every aspect of our children’s waking hours. From the environmental concerns of the times in which they live, to the smartphones in their hands, students are constantly immersed in the ever-evolving STEM landscape.

Those who embrace STEM as a life’s career drive innovation and competitiveness by generating new ideas and new industry. They tackle our most complex problems, striving to find solutions for cancer, world hunger, global warming, and disappearing habitats. It is these individuals who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our world. A curriculum designed to foster excitement in students about possibly becoming part of this group will help best prepare them for the future.

We know teachers welcome resources that support their effort to motivate students to embrace STEM-focused learning. We at Success by Design, Inc., are proud to offer our STEM Student Planners™ as an indispensable tool in this endeavor.

In addition to the organizational benefits a student planner typically provides, these unique planners offer age-appropriate STEM-centered weekly topics related to various monthly themes, such as art, development/construction, energy, government, communications, life science, and environment.

Kids in grades K-5 will find out the answers to such questions as, “What is conservation?” and “Why do we yawn?”. Middle school pupils will learn about groundbreaking innovations, including anti-poaching drones and portable solar panels, and the careers related to them. Students in high school will discover the benefits of pursuing various STEM professions, such as that of environmental engineer or anthropologist, and be given the educational steps needed to do so. The overall goal … Help kids develop the enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and math that could lead to a rewarding life-long career.

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