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Question of the Week

Science, technology, engineering, and math are key to unraveling many of life’s mysteries. In this section, students find an answer to a question pertaining to the week’s STEM innovation and career.


Nearly every innovation throughout the course of history owes itself to science, technology, engineering, or math – or, more likely, a combination of the four. In this section, we describe an innovation that has already had a significant impact on society or is likely to do so in the future.

STEM Designation/s

Here we list the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, and math – that are most closely related to the question, innovation, and career of the week. While this may sometimes be just one of the four, in many cases they overlap. In such cases, several are listed.


Careers in STEM are vital to our future. Each week we focus on one students might find interesting and perhaps one day want to pursue.

To Learn More About Becoming a ...,Visit

Here we provide a website students may visit to learn more about the career of the week.

Just the Facts

This section provides statistical information on the featured career.

An Interesting Note

This intriguing and sometimes surprising fact ties in with the weekly question, innovation, and/or career to offer yet more information relating to the topic of the month.

Science, technology, engineering, and math permeate our world. They are integral to our daily lives – a fact often taken for granted. Each has led to life-changing innovations. And knowledge of one or more of these four subjects is increasingly a necessary requirement for an ever-growing list of jobs.

Our middle/junior high STEM Student Planner™, designed with sixth- through eighth-graders in mind, is meant to enhance students’ understanding of the importance of STEM not only in today’s world but also to them personally, at an especially formative time of their lives.

New and unique, this educational resource emphasizes a different STEM-related topic every month of the school year. Each week the various sections highlighted below teach middle/junior high school students, who are beginning to consider the possibilities for their own futures, more about this featured topic while also introducing them to a career linked to it.