Advance Your Students’ Possibilities Through STEM!

Career/Job Description

Careers in science, technology, engineering, and math are vital to our future and key to unraveling many of life’s remaining mysteries. In this section, we introduce students to such a career.

STEM Designation/s

Here we list the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, and math – that are most closely related to the career of the week. While this may sometimes be just one of the four, in many cases they overlap. In these cases, several are listed.

Just the Facts

This section provides statistical information on the featured career.

What’s it take?

Here we give students a glimpse into the type of high school and/or college courses, along with the eventual degree, required should they decide to pursue the career of the week. We also often touch upon the character traits beneficial to each career.

How about the outlook?

Want to know how promising each career looks over the next several years? Look here!

An Interesting Note

This intriguing and sometimes surprising fact relates to the featured career.

To Learn More About Becoming a ...,Visit

Here students are given a website they may visit to learn more about the career of the week.

As time passes, more and more jobs require a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, math, or a combination thereof. Yet a substantial shortage of people who have acquired the skill set to fill these jobs is predicted.

The new STEM Student Planner is an educational tool designed to address this issue. Our high school/college planner familiarizes students in grades nine through 12 and beyond with 48 different STEM-related careers, what is needed to pursue each one, and some benefits of doing so – all with the goal of sparking within the minds of our youngest generation a sincere interest in the jobs of tomorrow.

These one-of-a-kind planners emphasize a different STEM-related topic every month of the school year. Each week the various high school/college planner sections highlighted below teach students contemplating their futures as they approach adulthood about an associated career – one that could have a positive impact on both their own lives and the world at large.